History of tennis

History of tennis

Tennis is played in Greece since before Christ. Tennis has its roots in ancient handball. During the Middle Ages (Middle ages) developed into a sport that hit back and forth between two people instead of hitting the lid. The tennis name comes from the French saying TENEZ means to be ready or ready. At first, the play has no boundary lines. But later, there was a field shaped like an hourglass with a line drawn through the straight line in the middle

At first the ball was made of leather covering the hair inside. The bat has improved. For preventing ball hitting By using the gloves and then having to wrap the rope around the gloves again for better protection from the combination of wood and rope together

In the Middle Ages, this type of sport was played in England, where the nobles played together. The vote count was so confusing that ordinary people couldn’t understand. And the stadium was very expensive, only for the rich people to play until in 1874. The counting of votes made the work even more, and the rules of tennis were modified to be used to play with the ordinary field.

The use of fifteen, thirty, etc. in each person’s vote count can be described as follows. Playing, chasing, or splitting points into 1, 2, 3, etc., chasing fifteen is one score and one game will have 4 or 5 points.

LOVE means that there is no score from the phrase “FOR LOVE” means no interest or nothing. Which has been used since 1678 in relation to playing, playing for fun and then becoming a term used in football, tennis, etc. It means that there are no points that do not score. After counting votes and rules Has made it easier Tennis became a popular sport in England, France, and rapidly expanded in the colonies of both countries. Tennis has been played in the United States in 1875 by MARRY OUTERBRIDGE after visiting Bermuda. Which is a very popular sport that has brought equipment Wood and ball come to introduce friends at GRATEN ISLAND, where there is a smooth lawn. And have good grass This sport is widespread. East also CLICKET CLUB has tennis included with other sports for members to play.
In 1881, the United States Lawn Tennis Association was established in New York and Boston. From this organization, the proliferation of tennis has become widely popular. Competition in the US Less time to play on the lawn But Official matches, whether played on clay or cement, are guaranteed by the United States Lawn Tennis Association (U.S.L.T.A). There is competition between cities, states, regions and countries. By playing in different fields that are made especially for men, women, boys, girls and youth And there is competition in the park by playing between universities etc. Credit By ทีเด็ดบอลชุด

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